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Gastony Directional Boring

#At Gastony Directional Boring, we guarantee reliable results in every construction project. Client satisfaction is our number one goal. Whether it is a simple 2-inch casement road crossing, pulling thousands of feet of cable and interduct, or boring through rock and pulling a 24" to 34" steel casement under highway and railroad tracks, you can depend on Gastony to get the job done with accuracy & satisfaction!

Why We're Worth It

Save money with Gastony

#Just think of the savings. No street cuts. No missing rose bushes. No felled trees. We keep the surrounding infrastructure intact.

Directional boring is a 10-plus year old technology and the staff of Gastony has been there from the start. We use state-of-the-art equipment and assume all liability for the boring process.

In addition to traditional directional boring, we do pipe bursting and pull the new lines at the same time. Gastony is also equipped to set lines and manholes, conduct line camera inspections, and perform water line taps.

We are known by the company we keep

#We encourage you to discuss our work with these fine companies and municipalities: Wal-Mart, AT&T, Arkansas Oklahoma Gas, Century Tel, Classic Cable, O-DOT, Kansas City Southern RR, Tyson Foods, Alltel, Relient Energy, Traffic and Lighting Systems, Cox Communications, MCI Worldcom, Crossland Construction and the cities of Bentonville, Fort Smith, Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Little Rock and Tulsa.

Gastony services list

#Our company's diversified expertise offers clients a broad range of construction development.

  • Fiber Optic & Copper Construction
  • Telecommunications & Cable TV Construction
  • Underground Directional Boring
  • PVC & Steel Gas Lines
  • PVC & Ductile Iron Water Lines
  • Steel & Concrete Casements
  • Sewer Replacements & Grades
  • Remediation Bores
  • Soft Dig Locating (public and private properties)
  • TV Camera Sewer Main Inspection
  • Sewer In-Line Cleaning
  • Smoke Testing - Flow Monitoring
  • Manhole Inspection & Rehabilitation
  • Trenchless Sewer Replacement
  • Slip Lining & Line Repairs
  • Water Line Taps (2-inch OD to 12-inch OD)
  • Conduit Construction
  • Pipe Bursting
Soft Dig locating

#With our Vactron Soft Dig Equipment, let us locate your utility lines underground before, during, or after to make sure your project calculations are true and correct. Many cities and engineering groups are already using our "utility locating services."

Recent Project Experience

#Wal-Mart General Office
Link to their new ISD Center on the east side of Bentonville, AR. Bored and pulled 8 fiber-optic interducts from the west side of Bentonville to the east side. Installed new fiber optic cable lines 35,000 feet - 8 duct, linking up both the old and new dedicated ISD Center.

Cities of Fort Smith and Van Buren, Arkansas
Gastony rehabilitated sewer mains in these cities using pipe bursting techniques on 6-inch clay and concrete sewer pipe to upgrade to 8-inch grey wall HDPE in various sections of both cities. These projects do no damage to other underground infrastructure or above ground landscaping, streets or driveways.

#Central Mall — Fort Smith, Arkansas
Bored and pulled fiber-optic inderduct 14,000 feet through hard sandstone rock. Estimated time of completion by DTI was 3 months (due to condition of ground and heavy utilities). Gastony completed the project in 4 weeks from start to clean up.

Wal-Mart Data Center
Installed miles of conduit for underground electric, fiber optic, telecommunication, and fire and water lines. Project required almost a year to complete. It was completed on time and on budget.

Experience you can count on

#When you need underground product installed - pipes, cables, conduits, and casings - Gastony Directional Boring is one of the best qualified, most experienced companies in the country to do the job for you.

From 6 inches to the depth you desire, from 3-inch to 30-inch product, we can do a pull to your specifications without disrupting the ground surface. From water and sewer lines to fiber optic cable, we understand the directional boring business. With Gastony you are buying experience and expertise.

Contact Us

#We would appreciate an opportunity to discuss our services or bid your next project.

Contact President Steve Forsgren at 479.782.9167 or e-mail: [email protected]

3000 North 23rd Street
P.O. Box 368
Fort Smith, AR 72902

Phone: 479.782.9167
Fax: 479.783.7909

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