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#C.F. Stocks & Excavating, Inc. is the cold-milling advantage for street repairs that will save your street repair budget.

Weather and traffic take their toll on residential streets as well as main roads. Cracks and potholes make them hazardous. But years of overlays build up the street's crown, resulting in poor drainage. We have the machinery to peel away, or cold mill, old overlays to properly reclaim existing curbing and gutters with new overlays. Milling overlays will help save you money on street repairs.

Existing asphalt can be roughed or concrete can be scarified to a depth of several inches below the existing curb and gutter line, to provide a solid base for new overlays. We have the technology to cold mill as little as 1 1/2 inches full street width to maintain the necessary crown and prevent future cracking when a new surface is laid. Roughing processes will help you save money on street repairs and new paving.

Milled material can be reused in place of fill for street widening or new street construction. We have more than three decades of experience on jobs in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Missouri to provide you with quality streets and road surfaces that are stronger, safer and smoother. We can help you save money on street repairs, paving and new street construction.

Overlay Process


Benefits of Cold Milling
  • #If street surface is badly cracked & spalling, milling off of loose asphalt overlay will help prevent future cracking
  • Maintaining proper flow of surface run-off by keeping entire gutter open
  • Creating a safer street by removing tripping hazard for pedestrians and safer driving
  • A better-looking street
Uses for Millings
  • #As fill in lieu of dirt or stone for street widening
  • Base aggregate for future streets
  • Surfacing for roads or parking lots
  • Shoulder construction after overlay
Support Needed
  • #Water truck with pump
  • Flagmen
  • Ample quantity of trucks
  • Clean-up personnel
  • Backhoe
  • Power broom
  • #Paving Contractors
  • City or County Officials
  • Consulting Engineers

If you are in need of effective and efficient solutions for your street repair projects, contact us for a needs analysis and estimate at no obligation.

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