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History of Forsgren

Decades of construction photographs line the walls of Forsgren, Inc. Four generations of our company's family and friends are shown actively involved with projects and accomplishments that have set standards for function and performance.

The company was founded as the Phoenix Cement & Sidewalk Company in the early 1900's by Olaf Victor Forsgren, a Swedish immigrant. He was passing through Fort Smith, Arkansas and decided to stay to construct sidewalks. Many of those sidewalks still exist today with that company's emblem proudly displayed in the concrete.

Each generation has taken the company further in our mission of striving for construction excellence and community service. In 1936, Forsgren Bros. Construction was formed as a result of the family's pioneer paving efforts and shortly thereafter expanded into building bridges, earthwork, and other forms of concrete work.

In 1955, the company incorporated as Forsgren, Inc., with the proud heritage and identity that it retains today. In 1988, Vic Forsgren became the third generation of Forsgrens to head the company, under his leadership the company expanded to offer a wide range of abilities in construction expertise.

Today, three members of the 4th generation serve in leadership roles in the company created and built by the hard work and diligence of the Forsgren legacy.